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Always look back in hunger

Britpop’s Gollem is back from Fantasy Island with more plunderphonics designed to hook those ears who think the lil’ Manc maestro invented music way back yore. Like fellow pasticheur Mark ‘Ronno’ Ronson, this radio friendly shit unit is jam-packed with references, reminders, cut, shut ‘n’ paste rock, an assemblage of the archives all dressed up as ‘return to form and ‘experimental avenue-trekking’ by the rags that need his repartee to sustain their existence. A mountain of wholly pilfered sounds that continue his quest of unrelenting unoriginality.

What with Brother Dim peddling his Double Fantasy piano-led bowel-blocked drivel it’s like the 90s never happened. Or something. Make them go away. What’s Mark Chapman up to nowadays?

Here’s a snippet of the patchwork profiteering that Jimmy Krankie’s passing off as ‘new’ now (to my ears, anyway).