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The Manly P. Hall of Mirrors Horror Show featuring Hollywood’s very own master of NLP and Moscow’s KGB-Movie Dame. These arch enemies both staunchly defending ‘their’ ways, the charade parade rolling on from zone to zone, forbidden and twilight.


VP: ‘I’m booored, when’s dinner?!’
BO: Stick to the script, maaan, or we both won’t get pudding’

BBCNN Speecher: ‘No just desserts for these shambassadors of the planet’

Golden handshakes, secret signs
Walls have ears and telephone lines
Judge and defendant, sacred brothers
Drop the charge and accuse the others

They make history, they make the law
(The brotherhood)
They make money, they make war
(The brotherhood)
Power corrupts and power succeeds
(The brotherhood)
And you take the whip right down on your knees
(The brotherhood)

The butcher, the baker,
the candlestick maker
The whole of the Government
and its caretaker
Doctors and lawyers, priests and crooks
Some unemployed just to cook old books
Their hearts seem cold
and their minds are sick
The things they’ll do just to get their kicks
Spirit has spread right across the nation
In forty-eight percent* of the population

* Those Europhiles, the Remainers, the status quoers, down, down …