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J: So, right, when I got them back to yours …
C: Oh, James, you are such a ONE!

Kissinger, Obama your awards, prizes, garlands mean nothing. There’s a new ‘King’* in town, anointed by that perennial hate rag du jour the Cocknernee Gawd bless ‘em all with their lip-serving, weasel-wording, arse-cleansing, system supporting ‘columnists’, tell us that Chuck’s ‘work’ and ‘philanthropy’ makes him ‘Londoner of the Decade’. Real dearth of competition out there isn’t there. No wonder we’re told by these that ‘studying the media’ is Mickey Mouse, double-thinktastic.


*He’s still waiting for the nod the poor cock(er), his sense of entitlement just has to wait.