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(EU’rall gerrin’ the runaaaaarrrrrround!)

Folk Devil
1. Symbolisation: the folk devil is portrayed in one singular narrative, their appearance and overall identify oversimplified to be easily recognizable.
2. Exaggeration: the facts of the controversy surrounded the folk devil are distorted, or fabricated all together, fueling the “moral crusade”.
3. Prediction: further immoral actions on the part of the folk devil are anticipated.

The shamateur dramatists have rehearsed their lines, their roles are defined, have been for a while now, Hobsons’ Choice in extremis, it’s like a shit Runaround, which way do I run, the folk devils everywhere to confuse, obfuscate, cloud, no clear information provided either way, moral panic, philosophical rabbit-hole, Project Fear implemented by BOTH sides, black and white argument, no grey, the two-faced Janus place people performing, illusion of choice, the lie of ‘democracy’, immigration versus isolation, US versus THEM, stasis, labels, binary thinking, how do I benefit, the econo-me, me, me, put your X in a box like you keep yourself in the box, (s)elected emissaries on the corporate payroll, ‘Leave’, ‘Remain’ ‘experts’, ‘pollsters, professional twisters, what’s in front, what’s behind?, what’s the opposite of ‘Brexit’? What ‘is’ the EU? The ‘ultimatum game’. Aaaargh, my head …


Mike Reid ‘This way makes you a xenophobic racist homophobe anti-human phone-hacking appeasing John Bull, that way means you’re endorsing the elite inter-breeding ‘fiction faction’ and their bigbiz ‘in it together’ illusion. Simple. As. That.

Two one-way streets in Dupe-opolis.


Dollface*: Psst, that way (the ‘third way’) makes you prime meat for our handler to the elite Jimmy Fix-It.


E: ‘I know, James, it’s great isn’t it, scare ‘em senseless and let them think an ‘x’ gives them a say. Textbook’
J: Never mind that, who’d’ya fancy?’

*No, not HER!


LIVE and EXCLUSIVE in November 2016 Uncle Sham brings you the Hollywood version of the same dichotomy. The same lines ‘argued’ by different actors, get your popcorn and sugary beverage ready for the greatest show on Earth.