The eternal beauty and enduring mystery of adolescent adulation, the obsession, the at all costs devotion to discovering more and more, we ‘know’ them, they ‘know’ us, they sing to us, for us, articulate our emotions, understand our travails as we pore over the sleeves, scrutinising the lyrics, the world they create is the world we live in, the vacuum and bubble they create a sanctuary where no one can get at you. Interior and exterior are connected enabling you to connect and engage.

Now I know how it felt for those above me in the generation-chain when Buddy Holly, Elvis, Lennon, Bowie went, this is how it felt when my own Dad went, empty, bereft, lost, memories are echoes, sounds and images reminders of a past (individual and collective) one of youth, innocence, fear, wonderment, belief.

Jacko was swallowed up and destroyed by the system, Prince was the system, his system, his way, no other. Mystery is alluring, retaining that is paramount especially in today’s voyeuristic surveillance society.

Through his music, manner and magic he taught me about race, sexuality, identity, privacy, faith (Religious or otherwise), individuality, to question everything, truth, sense of perspective, non-conformism and above all love.

These avatars give you confidence to be you, in spite and despite of ignorance, if your intentions are misunderstood, so be it; you want an earring, do it, wear colourful attire, do it, grow your hair, do it and forever be true to yourself. Single-minded, idiosyncratic, inspirational.

Yeah, it’s only music. Long live music. Prince is our King.

Paint a perfect picture
Bring 2 life a vision in one’s mind
The beautiful ones
Always smash the picture
Always every time