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Landlords and tenants: their fates are bound and their interests opposed. This is no private market. State intervention defends landlords’ rights to charge as much as they desire. The state subsidises landlords to build and to send in its armed officers to evict tenants. The state “records and publicises evictions, as a service to landlords and debt collection agencies”. This exploitation causes poverty to persist. A fortune can be made from the poor. Debt recovery agencies advertise themselves as “the largest and most aggressive”.

The land of the free, the place of opportunity, the melting pot, slumlord overlords in cahoots with the law, first they came for the house owners …

Coming soon to a multliplex hypermarket crash site near YOU! The American Dreamyth curdled for your edification.

So let’s blame this excess
On an American dream
So let’s blame the success
Of an American dream