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And more again.

Peter Hook

So many to choose from ‘Ooky, but, personally (if pushed) it’d have to be these:

The sound of doom at your door

His trademark throb in excelsis on this Record Mirror remix, thumpin, jumpin and pumpin’

As I can’t link Prince then I’ll just have to suggest:

‘Head’ (off Dirty Mind), the sound of smut

Duff McKagan – pulsating, the first 10 seconds set the tone and hold it all together

Tony James‘s skewed ‘I feel love’ lift still sounds apocalyptic, (arguably) the first and best post-modern band. They foresaw, we witness.

Adam Clayton – pre-Achtung Bono riposte to Lennon’s ‘God’

Arnold Paseiro – speaks for itself

Written by Barry Andrews with the ‘bass’ weapon played by Colin Moulding

which leads into this dub/reggae derived haunter