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Roll up, roll up!

The charade, the facade, the parade of ‘difference’, the illusion of choice, the spectacle of internecine fighting, scripted spontaneity from performing monkeys fulfilling their roles, atavistic enacting and reenacting, feathering their nests, eyes on the big prize, the crown of succession, their ‘pick me’ pleas to the real paymasters, posturing, pontificating puppets, stage managed narcissists obfuscating and diverting. Aided by ‘political commentators’ eager to be involved, further muddying the murky waters, confusing the issues, the orchestrated push for the ‘journalist’ to replace the PoRk man, cognitive dissonance never felt so resonant.

Why would anyone believe anything these ‘elected’ representatives say? The roll-call for the extricators so far:

Jacob Rees Mogg, Iain Duncan Smith, John Redwood, Boris Johnson, George Galloway and Rupert Murdoch

Simon Sweeney: ‘As I wrote in The Prostitute State, over 80% of UK papers are owned by five extremist right wing media billionaires: Rupert Murdoch, (Sun/Times), Barclay Brothers (Telegraph), Richard Desmond (Express) and Lord Rothermere (Daily Mail).

Murdoch is Australian living in New York, Rothermere lives in France, the Barclay Brothers in the tax havens of Monaco and Guernsey. All of them use tax haven entities to avoid UK taxes.

So key question is in light of the above list, why have these billionaires for decades tried to destroy the EU’s democratic institutions?’


‘In ancient Rome
There was a poem
About a dog
Who found two bones
He picked at one
He licked the other
He went in circles
He dropped dead’