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Exterminate, eradicate, evaporate all those nasty terror stains.

Herald the P.M. Porcineophile, the great war leader, channeling his piggy predecessor Churchill, surrounded by his piglets, all squealing their acquiescence, fearful of their political shelf-life, staged concern, rehearsed lines, the platform, rallying cries from the back-seat front-line fudging Generals, Manichean rhetoric, scurrilous slandering of any questioning, Bushist polarisation, good vs bad, us vs THEM, cloaked totalitarianism , terror-torial positioning. Laugh it off.


Auntie Beeb, Big Mother, bastion of veracity presents the ‘facts’:

1. Bomb Syria in order to protect British citizens.
2. Don’t bomb Syria in order to protect British citizens.

How to think? Oh, I’m not supposed to.

And the propagandist Metro’s daily ‘war on Daesh’ despite the King of NLP stating that there is no link. Cognitive dissonance, symbols and signifiers, dichotomy, it;s all around me now .



‘It’s tempting to dismiss this as an overreaction to a harmless ad (or as old hat, since Orwell said something similar before). But Eisenstein makes a convincing case that it matters. When daily life requires turning a blind eye to the falsity of countless things we’re told, it weakens the power of language to sort truth from fiction. “Increasingly, words don’t mean anything any more,” he writes. “Because we are lied to all the time, in ways so routine they are beneath conscious notice, even the most direct lies are losing their power to shock.” Unwittingly, we grow more tolerant of untruths and semi-truths, making it easier (among other things) for our political leaders’ dubious schemes to pass without serious challenge.’