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The table is rumbling… the glass is moving … “No, I was NOT pushing that time”


Jean ‘Ten-Ton’ Baudrillard, heavyweight reality debunker



Ivan ‘The Terrible’ Pavlov, man-dog of the behavioral three-ring circus

Senator: The war’s over. Our side won the war. Now we must busy ourselves winning the peace. And Fletcher, there’s an old saying: To the victors belong the spoils.

Fletcher: There’s another old saying, Senator: Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

(from the film The Outlaw Josey Wales, 1976)

Prologue: The following was conducted via a séance* that took place on Monday 23rd November 2015, Sir David Frost compered. Many Bothans died to bring us this information

B: in these media-saturated times how can we truly know what we are ‘seeing’ is ‘real’? Expert after expert is thrust in front to instil fear, mistrust, distrust, this dissonance only creates a befuddled and confused populace, malleable and open to extensive and excessive manipulation …

P: A deliberate ploy. This is another classic example of my work surrounding ‘conditioned reflexes’, just ring the bell and the being (ergo a dog) will salivate, food or not, the trigger is pulled, the switch is on, behaviour is controllable. A reduction of personality to programmed reactions and behaviour, the disparate mass become one hive mind. Totalitarian regimes thrive because of this inveterate and atavistic action.

B: As we have seen time and time again and with major global events especially, the desired message is immediately controlled, the official version hurried out to agencies and is not to be questioned or scrutinised. It is heresy and treasonous to ponder inconsistencies as our (s)elected representatives deliver their scripted, rehearsed performances, devoid of real feeling and empathy, their time on the stage has come, the glare of the spotlight and the ego-rush palpable. Events are framed and delivered by the ‘official’ organs of deception. The story begins …

P: I refer you to my colleague Ivan Sechenov’s 1863 study of ‘Orienting response’ especially through the prism of media. Devised to polarise and split perception, create division, activate double-think, control the chaos.

B: Agreed. The Manichean ‘us v them = we’, all in it together, the group shall vanquish the individual mind-set, an invisible to the human-eye lynch mob that attacks when their cerebral cortex is threatened by information that challenges pre-existing beliefs.

P: The rotting carcass that is world football and its vipers stand resolute in the face of terror and loss of revenue, the long-lamented beautiful game further reduced to a sideshow backdrop of the rampant, rapacious illusion, the great distraction will not be affected. Sponsors would not be pleased. The show MUST go on. The show WILL go on.

P: It all manifests as a ‘cognitive paralysis’, the hinterland betwixt truth and bull, the conviction that you ‘know’ you are being duped yet are confronted with hyper-info to the contrary. Witness the speed of information travel, which is Orwellian to say the least: what was said yesterday is ignored/denied today, orchestrated presentations of unity and sincerity.

B: Terminology is vital c.f. the difference between ‘the goodies/the white hatted sides’ (of which there are always two) use of ‘evaporated, terminated or liquidated’ when victorious v massacre, ‘war, merciless’ when victimised. Control of the message through language and image is paramount, neuro-linguistic programming rewires the critical faculties. One is rendered permanently dazed and confused.

P: One thing that perpetually irks me is the motives of these ‘terrorists’. Like during the World Wars and subsequent acts of ‘coordinated’ terror I posit why significant targets are avoided, i.e. Buck House, Houses of Parliament, surely to strike at the heart of your supposed foe you would go for the symbolic aorta?

B: I suspect that this won’t be the end of these discussions?

P: I was worried you’d say that. Maybe we should get Umberto Eco in next time?

B: Err, he’s not dead yet.

P: Oh. My bad.

SDF: Before we depart once more, have you heard Adele’s newie, 42? Not due out ‘til 2029, mind.

B: Nah, what’s it sound like?

P: Um … serial caterwauling about a fella she once knew. Yet another example of ‘coordinated responses’

B: Harrumph, plus ca change! Au revoir, jusqu’à la prochaine fois.


*With respect to Ian Svenonious