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Ryan (not Bryan) ‘stretching boundaries to the limit since ’74’ Adams with his latest ‘newie of an-almost newie’, Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’. Such a sonic reinvention, a ground-breaking disassembling and reconstruction. This is a masterful re-appropriation of a recent memory dressed up as craft. Erm …

Been sitting round wallowing listening to this dirge by any chance, Bry?


On top of this memory-melt, Jeff Lynne’s reactivated E.L.O. is out-Gallaghering lil’ Jimmy Krankie with this hybrid of THe Beatles’s ‘Free as a bird’ and all of Oasis’s dross. And it’s a hark back to the past lyrically as well.

This is a warning sign. Cannot compute …


Jimmy gets the ‘light’ bit of E.L.O.