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The Britpop Overlord shooting his new vid for ‘Riverman’


Gary Cobain, Amorphous Androgynous: ‘It’s odd because Noel loves the Beatles, the masters of experimentation. But Oasis thought they just needed to sing lyrics of love – it was all surface and no depth. To me, psychedelia isn’t just tasteful songs about the sun and phased guitars; it’s a radical form. … ‘There’s not much colour on his two albums; it’s just the same old Noel. He has tried to send out this message that he’s pushed himself, but it’s just the same generic stuff.’

Perennial propagator of retrogressive mindless moronic music, turgid tunes and pastiche-ridden piffle, hummed by planks and feted by the feeble. His tosh has bedeviled any notion of forward thinking music for donkeys now, anti-everything and for nothing.