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Did ANYONE really think the outcome would be any different? Ideologically identikit elites performing their supposed difference backed by a pliant system-serving media and change is expected?

Miliband and Clegg gallantly fall on their swords, taken their cause as far as they can go, clearing the way for ‘all-new change and progress’, keep the masses chattering and distracted, oblivious to their impotence. The merry-go-round continues …

Another five years of what was, what is, what will be, all uttered by empathy-less actors, another batch of fork-tongued place-puppets graduating from their current level.

‘Golden handshakes, secret signs …

They make history, they make the law
(The brotherhood)
They make money, they make war
(The brotherhood)
Power corrupts and power succeeds
(The brotherhood)
And you take the whip right down on your knees
(The brotherhood)

Their version of democracy is there for all to see, a vast illusory smokescreen using old tropes and signifiers, until the demos-mass-mindset can see this then the world at large will remain thus, put the glasses on and WAKE UP: