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It’s that time again, the day of the big charade, the end of one facade and the arrival of another, the ‘choice’ to (s)elect our leaders, our governors, our law-makers. Your say is crucial. It means you are free. Tomorrow will be the start of something new. Phooey.



‘Britain has no independent foreign policy and is essentially a colony of America. The media is silent on how foreign policy is dictated by Washington. Endless war and endless profits – there are all these subjects that are all over the alternative media that don’t get covered.’

‘London is facing absolute havoc when it comes to it’s skylines and historical neighbourhoods. You’ve probably heard that Soho is in the process of being dismantled – Denmark St is being knocked down, Earls Court is being knocked down. You’ve got 200 skyscrapers on the way to being built, all funded for speculative foreign investors – they don’t even sell them to Londoners.’