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The cesspit that is ‘elite’ football is (un)covered brilliantly every week by David Hills in The Observer, revealing (predominantly in an amusing fashion) the corruption and hypocrisy that these ‘guardians of the beautiful game’ personify and espouse. Particularly intriguing this week is the double-standards in action (yet again) this time concerning ‘sex’slur soccer Tsar’ Richard ‘Tricky Dicky’ Scudamore. He’s gonna go far that one.


Subtle distinction of the week

The FA – charging Blackpool owner Karl Oyston for sending a text calling a fan a “massive retard”, a year after they ruled out action over Richard Scudamore’s “big-titted broad” emails. 2014’s FA statement ruled: “The FA does not as a matter of policy consider private communications sent with a legitimate expectation of privacy to amount to professional misconduct.”