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This bastion of truth, this empire of excellence, this disseminator of veracity, this moral Matriarch …


“There is a small group of powerful people at the BBC who think it would have been better if the truth about Savile had never come out. And they aim to punish the reporters who revealed it.”

‘Meirion Jones was one of the BBC’s best investigative producers. He had suspected that Savile was not the “national treasure” the BBC, NHS, monarchy and public adored, ever since he had seen Savile take girls away in his car from an approved school his aunt ran in the 1970s. He broke the story which showed that Savile was one of the most prolific sex abusers in British history, and handed the BBC what would have been one of its biggest scoops. If it had run it. Which, of course, it did not. The editor of Newsnight banned the report. Thus began a cover-up which tore the BBC apart.’

The muckrakers get ostracised, the clowns get promoted. All in a day’s work. Move along now.

… this rejector of Reithian principles, this protector of elites, this moneyed meritocracy … Oh look, Clarkson’s in the news again, look over here!

The plot sickens …