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In John Carpenter’s seminal film ‘They Live’ ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper ‘sees’ after wearing the allegorical sunglasses. The world is an illusion, driven by a malevolent alien force, administering junk culture, force-feeding a diet of misinformation and fostering greed and deprivation. As said in Jacques Perreti’s brilliant and startling ‘The Super-Rich and Us’ there’s ‘the haves, the have-nots and then there’s the have yachts’


Peretti: ‘The super rich are no longer just of freak interest – they’ll be playing a real role in future. What’s interesting is because governments are essentially broke, the onus will fall more on the super rich and corporations to do more. The role is being pushed upon them.’

In Davos this week, a coterie meet to administer the illusion, tweak the diet and redraw their plans.

Man on TV: They want benign indifference… but all we really are, is livestock.

Towards the end of the film there is an encounter with one of ‘us’ in attendance at a gathering of makers, shakers, fakers and takers who delivers this all-too realistic missive:

No, listen.

I thought you understood.

It’s business, that’s all it is.

You still don’t get it.

There ain’t no countries anymore.

They’re running the whole show.

They own the whole planet.

They can do whatever they want.

We can have it good for a change.

If we help them, they’ll leave us

alone to make some money.

You can have a taste of the good life.

It’s what everybody wants.

– You’d do it to your own kind?

– What’s the threat?

We all sell out every day, might as well be on the winning team.

See you, boys.’

Sound familiar?