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1984’s ‘Let’s go crazy’ signals the onset of the reign of the Purple One. This album sent Prince to his destiny; the realms of rock monarchy. The attendant LP ‘Purple Rain’ so irked moralising matriarch Tipper Gore with risqué ditties of masturbation (aside from this there is ‘Darling Nikki’) it led to ‘Parental Advisory’ stickers that only further aroused interest.

Opening with the preachy ‘Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life … ‘ a sermon that decrees we should live in the present and going crazy (even alone) is the only remedy for daily existence. Better out than in.

The guitar solo is oft articulated in sexual cunny lingo, a subject deeply delved into by Prince Rogers Nelson on every album released, overtly and (under the) covertly. Here, two minutes forty one into foreplay, the guitar as phallus ascends to passion for 20 seconds before the rhythm steadies until three minutes thirty seconds when our narrator exhorts ‘He’s comin …’ for a further sixteen seconds before we are privy to frenetic fret wanking, mono-masturbation and onanistic orgasm climaxing with our hero ejaculating ‘Take me away!’ *ciggy break*

Prince himself has said the song’s coded message is about the age-old dichotomy between the Devil (the de-elevator) and God, the light and the shade, sexuality and spirituality. As ever, the Imp of the Perverse’s use of metaphwooar is second to none. Amen.