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P.M. TB: ‘Chocolate brown Roller, you say? And you don’t drive? That’s ‘working class’ street smarts right there’

NG: I’ve only just begun, my Master’


Working class hero, Britpop’s Wolfie Smith, Neu Labour’s Che has got an album and global tour looming so he’s got his opinion box out and started bemoaning the groups that followed the turgid ‘act’ that was Oasis for not leading to the creation of ‘working class/street music’.

Seemingly oblivious that it is as a result of him and his ilk (like his chum, Tony Baloney) pulling the ladder up behind them, obsessed with their legacy, cementing and protecting their bizarrely exalted positions.

At £60+ a ticket, looking after your ‘people’ there aren’t you, comrade.

If it wasn’t for political manoeuvring and culture grab, absolute fortune and the gullibility of the masses (‘Eere, y’ar, take these recycled riffs and put a puncture on top = lucre’)

In a parallel universe ‘Noelly G’ (as per BBC 6 Music: another end-product of the culture grab) would be Munchkin Number 13 (again) in the annual Burnage staging of The Wizard of Oz)

To paraphrase: ‘Keep you doped with shit music, primary school rhyming and the NME’.