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Farage cigar

What is a twat? The ‘Net has it as vulgar slang for ‘vulva’, an ‘obnoxious person’ or ‘to hit or punch, UKIP uber-lord Nigel Façade encompasses all of these (apologies to Andrea Dworkin). He’s had some serious competition this year beating off (fnar) Ewe-Too’s Bozo, Messy-Ire Russell Brand, Jacob Bugger-Off, Rita No-Aura, Ken Ya’Waster et al)

He‘s UKIP’s answer to the Rebel Alliance’s Admiral Ackbar with his exhortations of it all being a ‘trap’ ignoring the fact that the only alliance (and allegiance) he has is with the other pawns in the defunct game. With apathy rife, Nigel Mirage is the jester that illustrates that the much publicised polarisation of the electorate is less a sign of division than of a politics devised and prescribed to prevent the expression of substantive differences. Ignorance is crucial in a game of charades.

Admiral Ackbar trap

Beware of the fish-faced one (sorry, Admiral)

An MEP who wants extraction from Europe, a little islander who’s married to a German, an anti-banking millionaire ex-banker, now there’s hypocritical contradictory behaviour but ..
He’s the counter to other G-lister Brand; one’s highlighting an illusory, fait accompli aspect to the system the other’s providing a shot in the veins to a moribund , elite dominated corporate carve-up … just in time for another round of ‘No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in’.

Here comes the trickster with his mono-cultural purview shaking up an apathetic populace, stirring prejudice and discontent with his ale-swilling, smoke exhaling and whoopee cushion antics apparently showing up the three unwise monkeys and their election-selection palaver. Nige Farrago is the new ally in the politics of managed democracy and fostered fear, THEM, THEY, YOU, US, THEM.

Positioning himself as a man of the people, ‘our’ people, a yeoman with his fag and pint, see, he’s just like ‘US’, a latter-day Wat Tyler. Wat Alyer more like.

Beware of The Joker in the pack of no aces.