The Marksmen state ‘We are not in it for fame, success or money, fuck all of that it isn’t 1993 anymore.’ Funny that because this sound is straight from 1993/94 and could easily make up the numbers on a New Wave of New Wave (NWONW) compilation. Plus, an anti-manifesto that acts as a manifesto? Clever. Is it? Isn’t it? I dunno.

‘Sapphire’ is Iceland meat and potatoes lad rock, no greens, not even some onion gravy to add some flavour. It’s a standard, shouty balls-out sub-below-par Libertines retro-rock-art-dross (now there’s a category for you budding media interns to use).

‘Fashionably Uninvited’ continues albeit with female vocals which situate it still in the mid-1990s though this time the reference points are Sleeper, Lush and Echobelly. Only not as good.

‘Subway’ enlivens matter slightly, punky guitars and a novel 1-2-3-4 introduction. I had a bet with a mate (pistols at dawn, that kind of thing) that Carl Barat wouldn’t have his own tribute act. I was wrong.

The Marksmen: missing the targets that they haven’t set. What’s ‘aim nowhere, get somewhere’ in Latin? How Camden.