New Order’s Tom Chapman and (one of the numerous) ex-Fall member Steve Trafford formed Rubberbear in 2013. This EP kicks off with ‘My addiction’ which bangs at the door and bursts in before you’ve had the chance to get up and answer it. Barging past you it runs amok around your sitting room, trashing all and sundry. ‘Make yourself at home’ you will find yourself being resigned to uttering as once it’s in, it’s not going anywhere. This is a great song at any time of the day and reminds me of the ignored and much-missed Clor.

And the fillers? ‘Let’s move somewhere else’ is very New Orderish and appears to be a love/hate letter to a certain perennially rainy city with the dilemma of ‘I can’t tell if I’m running from this city or myself’. Maybe both? ‘World of Moderninity’ continues with an also-ran indie-dance feel and what is that word: infinite modernity? Modern divinity? Susie Countdown Corner, ‘ave a word, will ya? There’s a ‘Bore-chestral’ version which fares no better. ‘Elements’ is musically adventurous, but, unengaging lyrically and emotionally lightweight. One leg good, 3 legs bad.