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The Dunce with Geppetto

(Post 11th September 2001)

‘The focus on terrorism elevated fear into a public presence, creating a new atmospherics that could be appealed to and exploited. Miraculously, out of the rubble and phoenix-like emerged a stronger state, a “superpower” or “empire”. Superpower was commonly defined as the capability of a state to project force anywhere in the world and at a time of its own choosing. It might also be described as power that is continually challenging the forbidden as its predestined other.

The terrorism being combated by Superpower, while real enough, is one whose image Superpowers representatives have constructed. Superpower’s understanding of the requirements of its own powers has been guided by the character it has chosen to bestow on terrorism. Terrorism repays the mimicry by embracing advanced military technology and countering “shock and awe” with displays of beheadings on television. Too irreconcilable forms of power, terrorism and Superpower, locked together, each dependent on each other’

Sheldon S. Wollin, ‘Democracy Inc.: Managed democracy and the specter of inverted totalitarianism, p73, 2008


‘If only the morons knew that we’re behind it ALL’