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As per, I finally got round to reading this Stuart Jeffries interview with cultural critic Jonathan Meades from May regarding the release of his ‘anti-misery memoir’ An Encyclopedia of Me

A fascinating critic and full of barbed digs, a few choice lines stand out namely:

Pertinently referring to Tony and Cherie Blair as ‘The Ceausescus of Connaught Square’ and Tone as ‘God’s own bomber’he highlights the odious nature of our legacy obssessed, ‘War is Peace’ espousing deposed despot and his coterie of ‘brown-nosed cretins’. Democracy for ya.

For an overview of the 20 year reich of ‘New’ Labour there’s this:


There’s also an interesting part in Meades’ interview/book about military experiments in the 50s and unresolved deaths and cover-ups. The thick plottens …