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Let’s get this right. A fella is instrumental in getting a $1 billion road (the Orwellian ‘Patriotic Highway’ no less) built in ‘war-torn’* Kosovo and then gets a (no doubt lucrative) job at the construction company?

It is routine for western ambassadors to push the business interests of companies from the countries they come from. But it is unusual for a former diplomat to land a job with a major corporation after using their sway to secure lucrative government contracts.

Far be it from me to smell fish and scream ‘conflict of interest’; as if our ambassadors and their esteemed ilk would ever dream of such blatant manouvres, that’s the stuff of conspiracy talk after all.

‘After he was appointed ambassador in 2009, Dell had huge influence in Kosovo, where the US is widely viewed as a supervising power and is feted for its role in securing independence for the tiny Balkan state. A statue of President Clinton adorns the capital, Pristina, and boulevards are named after George W Bush and other US officials.’

Yeah, let’s celebrate ‘freedom’ by having monuments to those two renowned symbols of peace and all-round good eggs.

*Would be worse but for Saint NATO. Erm …

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