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I recall my Dad being appalled when I told him I preferred Jason Donovan’s rendition of this. However, a year later he fell head over heels for Kylie’s 1990 cover of Little Anthony and the Imperials’ ‘Tears on my pillow’. Opinions, hey.

It doesn’t bear the hallmark Hi-NRG beat evident in most other SAW/PWL recordings and may be the result of Waterman shoe-horning his protege into what turned out to be a year of retro sounds overall (cf The Stone Roses) playing on the memories of an ageing baby-boomer generation. That’s a theory anyway.

It’s hard to put my finger on just why I consider it far superior, I think it all comes down to the way Donovan stretches ‘leeetttttter’ on 2.12.

Needeless to say the ex-Scott Robisnon never scaled such heights again.